Detailing Rig

CAUTION: Failure to read and follow all warnings below could result in property damage or personal injury. Always use care when working with tools.

NOTE: Requires 17mm socket or wrench and hex wrench.



Step 1) Install the 2:1 Cushion and Removable Knee Pad by settling it over the prongs on the seat.


Step 2) Push bracket onto the seat frame. Ensure the square holes are facing down.


Step 3) Apply the “F” brackets, using the “C” screws and a Phillips screwdriver.


Step 4) Tray “G” has 4 holes and Tray “H” has 5 holes. Line up the trays with the section of the frame that aligns with the proper number of holes. Use the “A” bolts, “D” nuts, and “E” washers secure the trays using the 4 holes closest to the center with the nuts and washers on top.


Step 5) Attach the 5 casters using the washers and nuts (parts E and D).


Step 6) Attach the cupholder using the 2 “B” screws and a Phillips screwdriver.



  • When servicing, use only identical replacement parts.
  • To clean, wipe down with dry or slightly damp cloth. Do not use solvents, as this can damage the upholstery. Be sure to wipe off oil and other fluids when finished using.



WARNING! Do not stand on seat or stool base! Product Is Intended for seating only.

  • This product is not a toy. Do not allow children to play with or near this item, and store out of reach of children.
  • Use the stool and accessories as intended. Product is intended for seating only. Use of the stool for operations different from those intended could result in a hazardous situation.
  • Inspect before every use; do not use If parts are loose or damaged
  • Do not exceed the weight capacity of 159 kg (350 lbs.).

Caution: Be aware of dynamic leading! sudden shifts In the load may briefly create an excess load, which may result In product failure.

The warnings, cautions, and instructions discuss. in this instruction manual cannot cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur. It must be understood by the operator that common sense and caution are factors that cannot be built into this product, but must be supplied by the operator.